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Switzerland-Martin Fäh
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The RVE Merak is undisputedly one of the best F3C competition gliders on the market. It is precise, easy to fly and I still enjoy it after 1000 flights! And on top of that it looks extraordinarily good -> hand on heart: what more could you want? 

The previously described impressions of the RVE Merak 750 I have gained in the last two years under different conditions. I flew the Merak about 700 flights with the Merak F3C fuselage and about 300 with the Future fuselage. Please don't forget that every pilot has his own preferences. These are only my impressions -> It is best to test the material yourself.

The author - I am Martin Fäh, member of the Swiss F3C National Team and flying F3C competitions for about 20 years.

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