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NEBULA 4530H-545KV Excellent Motor MK50007
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Need a powerful brushless motor that won't overheat?

That’s it! The Nebula Brushless Motor series.

The superior version of Nebula is a new generation designed for high power brushless motor.

The unique aluminum housing of the Nebula 4526 motor could be dissipate heat with high efficiently .

Low-loss iron core is used to reduce the heat generated by the material of the motor

Use 1.4mm high-quality copper wire, purely hand-wound.

Optimize the design of the internal air duct of the motor and the large cooling fan to prevent the accumulation of heat!

Optimize the output curve to ensure the power output while having a higher energy efficiency ratio.

More torque and the rpm is more stable, providing a steady stream of abundant power.

The Nebula 4530 brushless motor it’s not only changed the exterior, the inside is exquisite workmanship.

RVE NEBULA 4530H-520KV Excellent  Motor :
Size / Model:4530
Motor kV :545kV 
Stator Height:45mm 
Stator Width:30mm 
Motor Configuration:12N10P 
Wire Thickness:1.3mm  
LiPo cells: 12S, 14S
Idle current: 4.6A
Continous Current:149A
Continous Power:7300W  
Maximum Current:270A(2 seconds)
Maximum Power:13500W(2 seconds)
Internal Resistance (mOhm):10
Shaft Diameter:6mm 
Motor Length:61.6mm
Motor Diameter:62.1mm  
Screw hole diameter: 4,0 mm
Motor hole pattern: 30mm
Motor Weight:538g

NEBULA 4530H-545KV 卓越版高功率马达 MK50007(图1)

NEBULA 4530H-545KV 卓越版高功率马达 MK50007(图2)

NEBULA 4530H-545KV 卓越版高功率马达 MK50007(图3)

NEBULA 4530H-545KV 卓越版高功率马达 MK50007(图4)

NEBULA 4530H-545KV 卓越版高功率马达 MK50007(图5)

NEBULA 4530H-545KV 卓越版高功率马达 MK50007(图6)

NEBULA 4530H-545KV 卓越版高功率马达 MK50007(图7)


RVE NEBULA 4530H-545KV Excellent  Motor MK50007(图8)