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RVE Phecda E680 KIT MK68000
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Length: 1238mm (excluding blade and tail blade)

Height: 328mm

Width: 176mm

Blade diameter: about 1489mm (based on 670mm rotor)

Blade length (single): 670mm (range: 600-680mm)

Tail blade diameter: About 255mm (based on 92mm tail blade)

Tail blade length (single): 92mm (range 90-95mm)

Gear ratio: 8.72/1/4.89 with 11T motor teeth (optional with 10t / 12t / 13T motor teeth)

Takeoff weight (6s-5300ma battery): about 3520g

Motor specification: 4030-6mm shaft diameter (range 4025 / 4030 / 4035 / 4225 / 4525 / 4526)

Motor kV: 900-1100kv 6mm shaft diameter (6S)


Electric regulation specification: 120a + (6S)


Battery Specification: 4200-6000mah (6S)


Phecda kit does not include main rotor blade and tail rotor blade.

RVE Phecda E680 KIT!(图1)

RVE Phecda E680 KIT!(图2)

RVE Phecda E680 KIT!(图3)

RVE Phecda E680 KIT!(图4)

RVE Phecda E680 KIT!(图5)

RVE Phecda E680 KIT!(图6)

RVE Phecda E680 KIT!(图7)

RVE Phecda E680 KIT!(图8)

RVE Phecda E680 KIT!(图9)

RVE Phecda E680 KIT!(图10)