RVE MK20005 22.2V 5300MAH 75C 6s LI-PO BATTERY
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Rve battery, high quality, super current discharge, product a export cell! Price is not the cheapest, but durability and life is absolutely assured!

In order to facilitate the use of 12s users and ensure the consistency of a set of batteries, we use 12 cells to pair from the factory, so as to ensure that the internal resistance of a battery cell is consistent. Battery has better charge discharge performance and longer life! If it is a paired user, please leave a message when purchasing.

Our a and B line length is different, whether it is stacked or long installation, there is no need to connect additional extension line, very convenient!

RVE 5300mAh(22.2v)75c 6s 


Length: 155mm

Width: 42mm

Thickness: 50mm


Type B:                        type A:

Length of red line: 22.5cm;                    length of red line: 8.5cm

Length of black line: 8cm;                        length of black line: 13cm

About length of balance head line: 4.5cm;            length of balance head line: 4.5cm

Weight: 740g                        weight: 740g

Manual measurement, if there is any error, please refer to the actual size of the product!